Born in Kwe kwe, Zimbabwe on 17 March 1979 Steven Wayne Sanders has been in the music industry for more than 18 years now. With his great passion for music, at the age of 19 he started teaching himself several DJ techniques to manipulate the prerecorded music. 

These include cueing, equalization, phrasing, beat juggling etc. to perform the transitions and overdubs of a number of sources in a more creative way. Today he is a professional DJ who masters the technique of using harmonic mixing for choosing compatible songs. This has made him and other local DJs to be the pioneers or the grandmaster of this entertainment technique in the country. 

Dj Stavo is classified as a mobile DJ with virtual mixing as his main article. He travels or tours with his own set of equipment and play from an extensive collection of pre-recorded music, on various media, to wow targeted audiences. He works for hire at private functions also seen frequently in, nightclubs, parties, block parties, product launches and stadia. To date he has achieved the following milestones: · Becoming a household name amongst the youth in Zimbabwe and the SADC region.


He has produced more than 15 songs to date which includes hit singles like Mnandi ft Mandoza(South Africa) , Ingoma ft Shota (South Africa) and Teka Famba ft FB of Xigubu fame and are still on rotation all major radio stations in Zimabawe. He has also worked with Cybil Night and Zeus from Botswana on the song called Sweet Love which also features Roki and Exque from Zimbabwe. 

He has also worked with artist like Lolo from South Africa, Trevor Dongo, Macdee, John Falsetto, Leonard Mapfumo, Cindy and many more. Stavo has also shared stages with top djs like Dj Waxxy, Cndo, Andy X, L Roy, Witness Matema, Otis Fraser and many more. He has done many shows here in Zimbabwe as well as South Africa and the United Kingdom. 

Dj Stavo is also a multi award winning Dj in 2014 He won Best Club Dj at The Midlands Music Awards, Best Music Video at The Zimbabwe Music Awards (Zima) and 2014 Dj Of The Year at the Zimbabwe Business Awards.  Dj Stavo is Currently riding high on his 2 New Tracks “Mwedzi Muchena” Featuring The Legend Oliver Mtukudzi         (2015) and His latest  offering in 2016 “Ngimtholile”  Featuring TradeMark and Muungu Africa. Both Currently in The Charts in Zimbabwe.

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